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Das Unternehmen Kurz Medizintechnik ist einer der führenden Hersteller von Titan-Mittelohrimplantaten und konzentriert sich ausschließlich auf Implantate und Instrumente für die Mittelohrchirurgie und ausgewählte Gebiete der HNO.

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The patented TTP-VARIAC® System, which was developed in close conjunction with the ENT Hospital at the University of Tuebingen, consists of a length variable prosthesis made of pure titanium and a single use multifunctional ACsizer disk made of polypropylene.

Determination of prosthesis length:

Using the sizers that are attached to the central disk, the optimal prosthesis length can be determined quickly, precisely and reliably. The sizer’s lightweight and delicate design allows for easy handling, even balance and an unobstructed view of the middle ear.

Adjusting the prosthesis length:

Depth gage sockets of varying depths are arranged in a circular pattern on the sizerdisk. These sockets are used to hold the prosthesis while adjusting its length. The headplate of the prosthesis is fastened to the shaft using the patented proven locking mechanism.

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  • The prostheses have no limiting sleeve along the shaft - for unequalled length variability and malleability
  • The integrated sizer disk with its five functions eliminates potentially unsafe sizing with actual implant and reduces necessary instrumentation to a minimum
  • Exact determination of optimal prosthesis length using integrated sizers
  • Shortest partial prosthesis length 1.75 mm (Functional Length FL 0.75 mm)
  • Single-use product - no costly cleaning and resterilization
  • A pin on the headplate fixes the interface transplant and thus prevents dislocation of the prosthesis
  • Excellent biocompatibility and biostability for irritation-free integration into the middle ear
  • Low inventory - only one variable (total or partial) prosthesis is needed
  • 0.25 mm increments for optimal selection of lengths and flexibility
  • Low weight optimizes sound conduction
  • Entire prosthesis made of one material - pure titanium
  • Well documented by scientific studies
  • Pure Titanium
Ordering Information TTP-VARIAC® System:
Item: REF
TTP-VARIAC® Partial Prosthesis
Variable Length: 1.75 - 4.50 mm
Functional Length (FL): 0.75 - 3.50 mm
(in 0.25 mm increments)
1002 020

TTP-VARIAC® Total Prosthesis
Variable Length: 3.0 - 7.0 mm
(in 0.25 mm increments)
1004 020

Ordering Information: TTP-VARIAC® System - Accessories:
Item: REF
Titanium Tweezers 8000 136
Titanium Micro Closing Forceps 8000 137
Cutting Forceps 8000 171
Micro Scissors 8000 172
Sterilization Tray (stainless steel) 8000 173

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